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Gorilla Farm: Our GolfClash Clans

Our GC clans are our family

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GF2 03.01.21.png

As with all teams, groups and families, there are members that will enter, contribute and then find their own paths in life. I appreciate the contributions and interactions of all who come through The Gorilla Farm. I realize that not all of those we come across in our lives are here for the long haul. none-the-less, I sincerely appreciate those who I have had the honor and pleasure of meeting and interacting with.


I will always remain grateful for the value you have brought to me and to those of us in The Farm. I am however, very happy and proud to say that the bulk of our members have been with us for the majority of the time & remain loyal to The Farm. As I have said many times, this silly golf game has given me the opportunity to create great friendships with people from all across the world and from all walks of life. 

So to those of you who remain loyal, thank you. Thank you for being there way beyond the game. Thank you for sharing your time with the group, but most importantly, thank you for making your clan members family and for making The Gorilla Farm your digital home!

-Gorilla Serg

Wanna be part of the family?

If you're looking for an active and fun GC group, you have found it! Our team members enjoy the game of Golf Clash and The Farm makes it even better. We recognize that we are not a C100 clan, and we are ok with that. Most of our players have busy lives and play when they can. Our desire is to have active clan members who contribute, interact and enjoy the game as a GC community!

If you'd like to join, simply go to the bottom right hand icon in your Golf Clash's main screen


If you're not yet part of a clan, the clan icon will look like this: 

In "Advanced search" type in gorillafarm (all one word). Here you will find several clans (don't worry, they are all part of the same family). Choose the clan that best fits your pace and introduce yourself by letting us know through our Facebook page messenger (gorillafarmgc) and let us know you have joined; it's that simple!

We also have a clan named Gorillafarm Jr. Every season we start a new junior clan for beginners to join the GC  family! There are several groups based on your game speed. But if you prefer a more active team, definitely, our main gorillafarm is your best choice. Keep inmind that space is limited so send in your request through our Facebook messenger and we will do everything to find you a spot! Keep in mind that the main criteria to joining our main group is being active!


See you there!

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