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Welcome to Gorilla Farm University

Everything you will need to become the better GC gorilla

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The game of Golf Clash is a constant learning experience. Even after playing for over 5 years, the game never ceases to surprise me because the more I play, the more I learn about the game. This was exactly the reason that GFU was created; to create a place where all of these ideas, concepts and practices can be complied and shared. The name of our clan: Gorilla Farm, comes from the idea in where players are farmed, trained and helped to become "Golf Clash Gorillas"

Unfortunately, I am not able to guarantee that you will win every game by following the information provided. The reality is that you may sometimes be matched with players that will simply have a club advantage or luck happens to be stronger on their side. None the less, having game knowledge and knowing how to approach a shot and using tricks to maximize its positive results will definitely give you a game advantage.

We have complied and placed all of the topics that we feel are the most vital in the game and have placed them from beginner to advanced. So as your skill level progresses so do the topics. But no matter what your game skill is at, I assure you that you will find something within GFU, that you will be able to use to your gaming advantage! I recommend you continue to visit daily! 

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Introduction to Gorilla Farm University

Let's start with the basics

Below are the most important resources for playing the game

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Ring System
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Club Guide
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All About Hitting the Ball

Below are the most important resources for playing the game

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