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As an avid golf clash blog subscriber, I constantly run into players stating that Golf Clash is rigged. I've read everything from players being matched up to game bots that are far superior  to only being able to consistently win if in-game purchases are made.


I will admit that the game can sometimes be very frustrating. I can also say that as someone who has spent money on the game, When I'm having a bad day it doesn't matter whether or not I've spent money, I literally can sometimes not buy a shot.


It has been confirmed by Playdemic that they use semi human players in order to keep matchups going. In a game designed to be played against actual human beings, I can imagine it becoming increasingly difficult to find matches at all hours of the day and at the same performance an upgraded levels.


Many players have also complained that that they are matched up against players that have obviously been playing longer and thus have have more upgraded clubs. I have to imagine that this is almost impossible to avoid since, as mentioned, the game is designed to be played as a match up and that can be more than challenging to keep consistently moving.  The alternative to this is putting up with the wait time that it would take for the game to find that perfect match.


The good news is that as golf clash becomes more popular New players are being added every day. Which This will obviously increase one's chance in being matched with a more equal opponent. The other promising fact is that with EA's recent acquisition,  I can only imagine that golf clash's popularity will expand much faster.

In closing the 2 best advices that I can give anyone starting out with golf clash is 1. Have patience. (This game is not to be mastered overnight) and 2.  Don't lose sight of the fact that it's just a game and at the moment it becomes frustrating it stops being fun.


In conclusion: even though players may, from time to time, be matched up to pre-recorded plays in order to keep the game moving, it is technically still a live person who played that replay game, so from a technical stand-point, this is not cheating since you're not playing a machine, but rather the skill level of a previous player. So if you happen to be matched up with someone with more upgraded clubs, you'll have just do a better job at winning that match. "if you're not complaining when the match up favors you, accept it when it doesn't"

Happy golfing!



The term bankroll is the the amount of coins that you have accumulated. Managing your bankroll means having the right amount of coins before proceeding to the next tour.  Many will say that your bank roll should be a 10:1ratio, meaning you should have at least 10 times the amount of coins needed to play a single game in any given tour.  


For example, if a tour costs 10,000 coins to play you should have no less than 100,000 coins in your bank roll. I tend to be a little more conservative with regards to that rule. To play it safe I like to have one and a 1/2 times that amount. (150k in bank roll for a 10k game).  The amount is at your discretion, however keep in mind that if you lose too many coins in any tour you may have to drop down one or maybe even 2 tours until you can catch up again and be able to re-enter the tour that follows.


It is also important to keep in mind that you will need coins in order to unlock upgraded clubs. So if you don't have enough coins to both unlock those upgraded clubs and move on to the next tour, you may have to stay for a while in a particular tour until you accumulate enough gems in your bank roll.

Conclusion: don't rush through the tours. Accumulate as much bank roll as possible before moving ahead. The whole point of the game is to gain the skill to be able to move on to the next tour. this will also allow you to accumulate the coins needed to comfortably move forward and not worry that you may get stuck in any given tour, due to a lack of "bank".

End note: if you're able to do so, buy the packets that the game sells at the beginning of each tour. It will normally give you the cushion you will need to comfortably play the entering tour. Obviously spending any money is at your discretion and it is is not my intent to influence anyone's decision to do so. these are simply options every player has available to them.

Happy golfing!







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